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Our vision: A region where gender equality is normal

The Wagga Women’s Health Centre is a feminist, community based non-government organisation.  The Centre provides an alternative, feminist health care service run by women for women ensuring accessibility, without financial, cultural or other barriers, to the women of Wagga Wagga and surrounding districts.

All services provided by the Centre and operations of Centre staff are within a trauma informed framework. The term health incorporates a holistic range of wellness supports, including emotional, psychological and social, as well as physical.

Services offered at the Wagga Women’s Health Centre include

Services at the Centre are free, however, donations are greatly appreciated.
Fees for some groups and programs may apply.

Wagga Women’s Health Centre Opening Hours:

9.30am – 4.30pm Monday to Thursday
12.00pm – 7.00pm Saturday
9.30am – 4.30pm Sundays & Public Holidays


Counselling & Crisis Support


WWHC Uke Group


Economic Wellbeing Support

If you require after hours assistance, some helpful phone numbers are listed below.

Link2Home 1800 152 152

Domestic Violence 24-Hour Help Line 1800 656 463

Rape & Domestic Violence Service
24-Hour Help Line 1800 424 017


It all started when…

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