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The Honourable Michael McCormack MP, Dr Joe McGirr MP, The Honourable Wes Fang MLC,

Re: Urgent action on violence against women and children.

I am writing to ask you to advocate on behalf of the people of Wagga Wagga and surrounding areas by fighting for change in the Government’s response to Domestic and Family Violence.

Molly Ticehurst’s story from our region highlights how vulnerable women and children are in regional and rural Australia as they flee Domestic and Family Violence. We need to be discussing Daniel Billings and what lead him to use violence against Molly.

We also know that there are serious and ongoing physical health, mental health, economic and social issues that result from experiencing family violence and we need urgent change to this epidemic.

We have lost the lives of 31 Australian women in 2024 so far. At the same time last year, the number was 14. This is just one indicator of how urgently significant action is needed.

Areas of serious concern include:

1. Adequate funding for Victim Survivors services.

2. Adequate funding for User of Violence services.

3.  Adequate laws and their enforcement to keep Victim Survivors and their children safe.

4. Training and awareness for all first responders including general duty police officers, fire, ambulance, and the state emergency services.

5. Adequate education on healthy relationships in schools.

6. Adequate funding for primary prevention in regional and rural communities.

The Prime Minister, Mr Anthony Albanese MP, says he is committed to addressing Domestic and Family Violence so please make representation to him on the issues I am raising.

Thank you for your dedicated advocacy on this pervasive social crisis.

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