Celebrating 40 Years of Service

2019 is going to be a big year for the Centre as we celebrate 40 years of service to the Wagga Wagga community.

“After almost 40 years of providing constant support to Wagga’s women, the Centre is taking the chance to look back and honour the very dedicated women who laid its foundations in the 1970s. Jan Roberts, one of the original founding mothers of the Centre, said it all began when women started leaving the Riverina to attend university.

“We were the first generation of women being educated at universities in Sydney during the 1970s, and you had a whole range of revolutionary things happening then,” Ms Roberts said.” Published in The Daily Advertiser 23 February, 2018. Written by Claudia Farhart

The Centre, along with the support of KWS Research will be gathering the stories of women who have played a role in the development and growth of the Centre over the past 40 years and will be sharing that with the Wagga community. There will also be a variety of activities and exhibitions to showcase how far we have come and that there is still so much more work to do to achieve true gender equality.

“When they first started, the workers believed they would probably work themselves out of a job – that society would change in a way that would mean a gendered health approach would no longer be necessary – that’s just not the case.” Gail Meyer. Keep an eye out for more information throughout the year.

Cristy Houghton