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Nutrition is a significant health factor in a woman’s overall wellbeing. The Wagga Women's Health Centre has teamed up with local Nutritionists from Ingrained Nutrition in Wagga to bring you this six-part education series. This program aims to assist women in making better food choices for their health and wellbeing. 

Please feel free to download and work through each of the parts in the series. If you feel that you would like some one-on-one support from the Nutrition Pop-up clinic you can find more information here.

Part 1 - our amazing bodies

The human body is made up of many complex systems that work in perfect alignment 24/7 to keep you healthy and functioning.

This presentation will explore some of these complex systems, their functions, importance and the nutrients that fuel them.

Primary female body functions – why we need to feed and nourish our bodies.
How the body uses food for vital functions (menstruation, hormones, pregnancy, bone health, menopause and beyond).
Key foods to nourish your body.

Part 2 - Restricting vs restraining

In Part 2, we look at the difference between Restricting and Restraining and how you can plan to eat with pleasure and joy.

What is restricted or irregular eating?
What is unrestrained eating or normal eating?
How to eat without restriction
Cooking healthy meals on a budget.

Part 3 - Healthy eating for women

In Part 3 - Healthy Eating for Women, we will learn about what it means to eat well for a woman's body. We will also look into how a woman's nutrient needs change over her lifetime. This session covers:

What day of healthy eating for a woman
Foods and nutrients for differing life stages
Portion vs Serving Size
Cooking healthy meals on a budget.

Part 4 - Challenging Unhelpful Thoughts around food

In Part 4, we look at food and body image and how the rules and thoughts that have been given to us by the diet gurus and the weight-loss industry can be counterproductive. Topics covered in this session include:

Food rules and diets
Body image, shape, weight and overevaluation of self
Unpopular opinions around food and self
Cooking for yourself – nourishing for one is a family of varied likes and dislikes.

Part 5 - food and mood

Part 5 is all about how food can affect your mood. There has been plenty of research done that shows there is a relationship between what we eat and our mental health, especially in the areas of depression and anxiety. This session covers:

How our mood, happiness, sadness and alike can be affected by food.
Eating to boost your mood.
Eating patterns, meal types and approaches to foods to be the best you

Part 6 - how to enact change - motivation, drive and performance

Part 6 is all about setting yourself up for success looking at how to leverage dopamine to increase motivation, changes to make to your environment, and how to set long and short-term goals. Topics covered in this session include:

How to use food to motivate and reward in a positive way
How to support yourself in a sea of challenges – modifying your environment
Good sites and reputable information sources for information

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