Economic Wellbeing Support Services

This program is to be viewed as one of a pro-active measure, Economic Wellbeing aims;

  • To support each client as their set their financial goals.

  • To empower an individuals self direction by improving personal safety and knowing that through your own abilities you can create your own financial security, therefore building up trust within you.

  • To enrich the long term picture of financial security, to broaden your financial pathway to give you the standard of living that you wish to achieve for yourself.

Women’s Strengths with Money

It is highly noted that women bring key strengths to the financial management table even though they face unique challenges that can impact their financial security.

Services the Economic Wellbeing Worker can assist with include;

  • Preventative measures

  • Referral options

  • Group Presentations

  • Advocacy

  • Personal Budgeting

  • Education & knowledge

  • Debt Management (WDO)

  • one on one support


How to make an Appointment

The role of the Economic Well-being worker, is to offer an environment that will support and encourage you to find your qualities, strengths and personal attributes to source your own sense of financial security that is important and valued by you. Ring to make an appointment.