Economic Wellbeing Support Services

“The World Health Organisation (WHO) defines health as not just the absence of disease, but rather in the broad sense of physical, economic, emotional, and social well-being at an individual, family, and community level. Health is thus affected not only by individual risk factors and behaviours, but also by a range of economic and social conditions” (Swain, 2017)

“Economic wellbeing also relates to the risk of experiencing financial difficulties in times of need or unexpected expenses, such as not being able to pay for necessities or find funds if there is an emergency. These types of economic hardships may also contribute to people experiencing physical, mental and emotional stress”  (Australian Bureau of Statistics, 2015)

This program is to be viewed as one of a pro-active measure, Economic Wellbeing services aims;

  • To support each client as their set their own financial goals

  • To empower and support an individual’s self-direction by improving personal safety and financial security.

Women’s Strengths with Money

The Economic Wellbeing Worker is employed to provide services from a Trauma Informed Practice framework and within Feminist philosophy guidelines through;

One on one client work

Group programs

Community or school based programs

Developing and maintain networks and relationships with other agencies.

Services the Economic Wellbeing Worker can assist with include;

  • Preventative measures

  • Referral options

  • Group Presentations

  • Advocacy

  • Personal Budgeting

  • Education & knowledge

  • Work & Development order SPONSOR

  • one on one support


How to make an Appointment

Referral for all services at Wagga Women’s Health Centre is by self-referral.  For more information or to make an appointment please contact the Centre.