The Wagga Women’s Health Centre has always envisaged a community with zero tolerance for domestic violence – a DV free zone. In 2015, we developed a long-term project, theDVproject:2650, believing a whole of community approach was the only way to realise this vision. With initial funding and support from the Rotary Club of Wollundry and Army Recruit Training Centre, the Wagga Women’s Health Centre has continued to invest in this project.

This project aims to prevent Domestic Violence in Wagga Wagga by focusing on its root cause – gender inequality. We believe that: the condoning of violence against women, men’s control of decision-making and limits to women’s independence, stereotyped constructions of masculinity and femininity, and disrespect towards women and male peer relations that emphasise aggression, create the environment in which Domestic Violence can occur.

theDVproject:2650 has three phases:


To understand what domestic violence looks like in Wagga Wagga and to establish evidence base for future interventions.


Work with the community to develop prevention activities across multiple settings, based on best practice and local research.


Such as prevention activities in multiple settings.


theDVproject:2650 began with research, based on the premise that we cannot solve a problem unless we understand it. Although Wagga Wagga Services have been working on Domestic Violence for decades and there is much national and general research on the issue, there was no local research.

We didn’t know what Domestic Violence looked like in Wagga Wagga or the knowledge and attitudes held by our community. We also needed research to provide a baseline, something that would help us determine whether future interventions have changed anything.

Our research has included the following:

Stakeholder Research

Surveys and interviews with individuals from organisations in Wagga Wagga that directly and indirectly address Domestic Violence to map existing services and referral pathways, identify challenges and perceptions of Wagga Wagga’s readiness to address DV.

The report also includes analysis of existing data on prevalence. Research by Dr Andreia Schineanu & Lauren Darley-Bentley.

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Community Attitudes Research

Surveying the general population of Wagga Wagga on their knowledge of, and attitudes towards, Domestic Violence, and their attitudes on gender roles.

Research by Dr Andreia Schineanu & Lauren Darley-Bentley.

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Graphic Summary

Graphical statistics of research findings from Stakeholder and Community Attitudes research.


Focus Groups

Group discussions with different sections of Wagga to understand domestic violence, their perceptions of Wagga Wagga’s readiness to address the issue and what they see as appropriate and acceptable interventions.


Take the next step with us. We need…

People – People and organisations to help develop Wagga Wagga’s strategic plan to eliminate domestic violence.

Pro Bono Services – Pro bono services and funding to support the strategic planning process.

Funding – Funding to help with the development and roll out of prevention activities.

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